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About Us


We are from the grassroots of Melbourne, Australia represent. Constantly chasing the sun wherever it goes on the east coast exploring Australia's beautiful crystal blue beaches. While also experiencing every music festival Australia has to offer, we put our 2 and 2 together and formed Reppit. Reppit has seen an amazing expansion from our home Melbourne, going from Tasmania to Western Australia and reaching the worldwide audience! Everyone can't get enough of Reppit. 

We wanted to make sure everyone could enjoy their Summer with some money left over in their pocket to do the things that they love and what we love. We have stocked our store with fashionable trending sunglasses that everyone cannot get enough of. Our Loyal customers who are Repping our sunglasses only send us love. If you want to join into the love Tag our Instagram account Reppitco in your photo to feature a shoutout from your one and truly Reppit. 

Peace Out.