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Top 5 Festivals We Recommend

Autoketing Collaborator

These 5 festivals were lifechanging experiences for me whilst I was traveling the world, they are eye-opening and breathtaking places to be and experience. 
Tomorrowland is definitely still the leader of the pack. Every year there is a huge main stage design that blows your mind, the line-ups every year have the biggest DJ’s in the world, including names like Solomon, green velvet and more. But other than the grand things Tomorrowland creates a world for a few days where every little feature fits into the theme.
When & Where= Belgium July
Rainbow Serpent
If there is a festival to attend in Australia, don’t glance past Rainbow Serpent, this is a transformational bush-doof, arriving in Melbournes Countryside, it will be one of the most fulfilling experiences, with crazy colorful, vibrant, and fun-filled weekends. Gathering 10,000 people each year, if it's your first time it is eye-opening, if you are returning you are sure to have it ticked on your calendar 12 months prior. With electronic music being the centre of reasons to go, you can experience art, performance, spiritual education, relaxation, and healing. It has passed this year, make sure you tick it in your calendar for next years travel.
When & Where- Australia January
Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival
Probably the most famous music festival in the world, it is held over two weekends in Indio, Just east of Palm Springs. It includes Rock, pop, indie, hip hop, and electronic dance as genres. The festival is scenic with artistic sculptures and installations. The big melting pot in California showcases A-lister Artists whilst also having A-list celebrities strolling around the grasslands, grab a nice outfit and enjoy the moment.
When & Where: America April
Awakenings Festival
Any techno fan eyes dilate when they hear the Awakenings Festival line up is dropping. The Awakenings has been rocking since 2000 hitting one-night parties and weekend festivals. The largest outdoor techno festival in the world, it has 80,000 visitors in a weekend. More than 100 techno DJ’s play their best iconic music, with crowds who are there purely for there love of techno music, you won’t be short of an experience.
When & Where: Netherlands June
Boom Festival
more than 30,000 people come from all around the world to celebrate the experience of psytrance music, dancing, workshops, and art. Boom Land has lakes, food stalls, restaurant areas, grocery stores, small hospital. Art spread throughout the whole place, in trees on the ground, creating a magical feeling. Boom’s free spirit vibe allows you to forget about your commitments in the future and really allows you to let yourself go, creating smiles, love, and creativity. The dance temple provides shade for the hot sun, sprinkling down water to cool the hot bodies dancing to the music, some wearing clothes, some not wearing clothes. There is no judgment here and you should express your inner self.
When & Where: Portugal July/August.
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